Sunday, 27 July 2008

Lambeth, July 27th

Dear Ones,

OK, I am going to admit, I took a day off! Sunday was a very light day, nothing required although several things offered and I just decided to not be "on the program" today. So, I slept in a little more than usual, cleaned up a few things around the little room I have, walked to the train station and went to the town of Whitstable, which is a beach town. They happened to be having their annual Oyster Festival this weekend. So, I took part in these festivities and, on beautiful day, hung out with normal, everyday people. I didn't have to have an ID badge and there was not "the next thing to get to." I went swimming and enjoyed the gorgeous day! Of the two pictures above, one did not turn out quite like I had hoped, the crates sitting there are all filled with old oyster shells. And the sign reads, "Oyster Shell Recycling" subtext: used to build new oyster breeding grounds.
Train back to town, dinner, and now I am writing you. I took some pictures of the beach and the town above. In many ways it reminds me of our part of the world but there are no snow topped mountains and I do miss those!

One of the pictures above is of Luke Fodor, Network Coordinator for ERD and me at the Episcopal Relief and Development booth here at the Marketplace at Lambeth. Luke's wife is from our neck of the woods and he secretly loves us very much! Of even more interest are the pictures you see in the booth behind the two of us. These are pictures taken by Laura Ellen Muglia on her mission to Tanzania. Olympia is incredibly represented here!

I also wanted to send along this link to the music that goes along with the words I put in the blog last night. This is Jack Barben singing. Jack is an extrordinary musician. Some of you will remember him from the convention last year, and he has led music in several other workshops and conferences. Jack is currently the Director of Music at St. Benedict's, Lacey. Here is the link to "Let the Broken ones be healed."



  1. Good on you for taking a day to rest.

  2. I want to share some thoughts with you concerning the "Holy Office" idea that has come up. Of course, all we know is from the press. If you can share any insight on this it would be appreciated.

    This is from a blogger friend:

    A "Holy Office" for the A.C.? No wonder ABC and B16 get along so well.

    This is a noxious idea. And I think there will be more PB's who support it than what we might think. It puffs the authority of bishops at the expense of the rest of the church. Self-serving legislation frequently finds unlooked-for support.

    We did not go thru 1535 and 1787 to hand our church back to the very kinds of people and concepts that impelled our creation.

    The A.C. as we knew it is over. It was over when GAFCON declared the Jerusalem Document and failed to attend Lambeth. The current efforts at Lambeth are not so much like trying to bring a patient back from the brink of death as it is sending lightening bolts thru Frankenstein's Monster, trying to create a new life cobbled togethger from the body parts of dead people.

    When you hear "Holy Office", think the tower laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein.

    We should all contact our bishops and PB's immediately, letting them know what we think.

  3. How wonderful to find myself on your blog! My prayers are with you during the rest of Lambeth.