Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Lambeth, July 22nd

Dear Ones,

The second "Ordinary" Day and as suspected, they will not usually be very ordinary. The day started as always with 7:15 Eucharist, today offered by the Church of the Province of Central Africa. It was great as was the evening worship provided by Igeja episcopal Anglicana do Brasil. Colorful, exciting, fun!

Breakfast, Bible Study, today on John 6: 1-14 and 25-59. As I have said I am growing closer and closer to these group of fine men, they do all happen to be men, and I am learning much from them as well. Believe it or not I am not the "newest" bishop in the group. One of my Japanese brothers has been a bishop for three weeks. There is a bishop here that was a bishop for 5 days before coming here!

We then went into our third Indaba group meeting. I think these are very good Some in the groups are frustrated that we are not moving more quickly into the more difficult topics but I find their process well thought out and, at this point, I am trusting it and following it.

After lunch, we had a bit of free time. I used it getting my computer into better shape with the wonderful campus support they have here. I also secured my invitations for the visit to London on Thursday.

After that free time we had our first of many self-select programs. I decided today to go see Brian Mclaren one more time as he will be leaving here on Thursday. Brian spoke on "Evangelism by Example" and it was as good as the night before.

We then headed for dinner. Tonight the presenter to the entire conference was Cardinal Ivan Dias, Prefect of the Congregation to the Evangelization of Peoples at the Vatican, Mission, Social Justice, and Evangelization. He too joined Brian Mclaren's workshop today and he spoke to us about the same topic. It was good to have him here with us.

You will have read that the Archbishop of the Sudan and his bishops held a press conference today and asked Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire to resign. I did not see the press conference, it occurred during our self select programs and I have not read the transcript as of yet too. You can expect more of these I would suspect. As much as the Archbishop of Canterbury would like us to focus on a wide range of pressing issues for the church and the world, there does seem to remain a unitary focus. For now, I am trying to stay focused on dialogue and listening which is where I think the most good will come. For now, keep praying.

I need to say also that, now sitting in this conference, and being part of it, I am disheartened by all of the speculation, much of it misguided and false that comes from those from all quarters of our church. We all need some holy patience. The rapid communication and speculation and accusation that flies, often with little or no real information, is a recipe for problems always.

Now, for something a bit lighter. There is a cartoonist on the campus, making cartoons everyday. I will try to send some along so you can see them too! Not sure you can read it but it says, "The Secret Plan" And it has a long line of bishops standing in a line to the Dining Hall and then it reads, "Now the Lambeth Conference attendees are being encouraged to talk to each other!" We do need to do that. The big picture above is the view of Canterbury, the town, and the Cathedral out my window.




  1. I have been taking in the cartoons at Dave Walker's blog as well as catching news at Thinking Anglicans. Both really interesting and valuable spots.

    I hope you will post the Dining Chart.

  2. Patience? Does that have anything to do with the pesky parable of the wheat and the tares from last Sunday's Gospel reading. Oy!

  3. Bishop Greg, we missed your and Bishop Nedi's physical presence this morning at the 8:30am D-House Eucharist, but we could feel both of your caring spirits present with us. Thank you for all you two are doing to make us back at home feel a part of what's going on there at the conference. And Bishop Greg, that big tree in the left side of the picture in your blog looks like it would be a great meditating tree, doesn't it. Peace and Joy!

  4. Great to hear some commentary on McLaren's piece. It's interesting to hear how emerging conversations are playing in to the larger global Anglican conversations.

  5. I have to say that I am encouraged to hear that the rapid fire accusations, speculations, and suspicions that we hear about don't line up with your experience there. I like reading your thoughts and impressions!