Monday, 21 July 2008

Lambeth, July 21st

Dear Ones,

Today was our first "Ordinary" day. We will have quite a few in the next few weeks that have this basic form. Eucharist at 7:15 a.m., breakfast, Bible Study, Indaba Group for an hour or so, on a topic, and then lunch, Indaba again, and an evening program after supper. On some days afternoons will have some self select programs of various varieties. Eucharist was offered by Korea with the Korea Mother's Union Choir performing as well.

Today was the first day to be in our Indaba Groups. "Indaba" is a Zulu word meaning conversation with a purpose, usually utilized with perplexing problems. Of course we know the obvious issues but we have many more relating to some issues that affect the world and in which we might affect the world to greater levels together, as a communion. Today's Bible Study was John 6: 14-21, and the Indaba theme for today was "The Bishop and Anglican Identity" The Indaba groups are made up of five Bible Studies, so they are 40 people or more. I am impressed so far and I found these groups much more interesting than I had thought.

We had a brief meeting of the House of Bishops today, although in this setting we are not the House in session. We simply gathered to share our impressions so far and to make announcements about upcoming events.

Tonight we had the great pleasure of seeing Brian McLaren who gave one of the best presentations so far. He answered questions at the end and when asked by one of the 1000 or so present "Where can we find models of what you are talking about?" McLaren specifically named one, Church of the Apostles in Seattle, and Karen Ward! I am adding two pictures that Dave Manes on our staff found somehow! I have not seen these as of yet myself. Both were taken after the Opening Eucharist at the Cathedral on Sunday.

Blessings to you until tomorrow!


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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write so lucidly and evocatively after what must be long and demanding days.
    Diana Wright
    St. Mark's