Monday, 9 February 2009

I Did It!

I bought a snow shovel today. I guess I am home!


  1. Now be careful with that thing! Our rector just put her back out trying to shovel her walkway....

  2. I trust the shovel is for snow, and not for diocesan application. (heh heh heh, I makes me laugh.)

  3. I still used the grain scoop purchased in Sioux Falls, SD, for this purpose. It still works the best for the purpose. That is, it doesn't break easily. It also works well to dig out around vehicles (including when you've high-centered your SUV, like I did in December).

    The only drawback around here with it is easy to try to lift too much wet snow with it.

    At least the trees rarely call for the dogs around here.

  4. now all you need is a large golf umbrella for Spring and you will be a native.