Monday, 10 November 2008

Salute to our Veterans

I write this on the Eve of Veteran's Day. Two images stick with me from this past week. One, is a Viet Nam Vet who stated that they did not get respect when they returned home back then, but they were getting it now, and he said just how much he appreciated it. The other is the story I saw tonight on one of the national news programs. It comes from Canada, the Highway of Heroes. Along this 100 mile trek that every soldier lost in the war takes, people come out all along this path to show their respects. One fire department is there every time, on the overpass, saluting one and all. A mother of a fallen soldier told just how moving all of this is, and told a story of a father and son, who stood in the back of their rusty pickup truck and saluted together as the motorcade drove under the overpass.

I have to admit I have been a bit worried at how sterilized this war, or wars, is for us here. Of all days I intend to, tomorrow especially, give thanks for those who have given their lives for me. I am thankful that our citizenry has seemed to accept and live out of the reality that these men and women, no matter what your feelings about the war, the military, no matter, they do it for us. I will use the day, as on all days, to pray for peace as well. I will pray for an end to the 100 miles drives on the Highway of Heroes, and that no such tribute be necessary anywhere in this world. It is a lofty dream, but our God is an awesome God, and calls us to the miraculous and the lofty.

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  1. I find it interesting that the Viet Nam Vet now feels respect that he didn't get upon his return from that war. During the late '60s & early '70s I marched against the war and felt many atrocities were inflicted by our soldiers, but my protests were to get our soldiers home safely.
    As I think back on that time I can only imagine how those young men (mostly) dealt with the horrors and fears of the time. They could not recognize the enemy ... it could be a child, a young woman, or an elderly person so how else could such young people react in any way differently than they did?
    I don't agree with the way we got into this current war(s), but that does not diminish the hope I have of bringing our soldiers home safely at some point in time.
    Peace is a lofty dream but one I hope can be reached. Your words give me hope.