Saturday, 11 October 2008

I'm Back!

Dear Ones,

As I said in the October "Voice", I intend to blog a bit more, not nearly as much as I did from Lambeth, surely not every day, but hopefully enough for us to use this as a way to stay in contact, to communicate, and to be in conversation. For now, the financial meltdown may be a place to start.

You surely do not need me to tell you that our financial world has changed remarkably and indelibly in the past several weeks. Certainly, I am in no position to suggest where this is all going but I did want to state my firm belief that the unchanging reality of the love of our God, through Jesus Christ has not changed, and will not change, no matter what happens on Wall Street.

Still, the reality of these dramatic changes are affecting many in our fold, and surely those all around us. I will be speaking even more to this in my November Voice article, but before that I wanted to let you know of my concern, and my prayers, as we continue this uncertain ride. I also hope we can open up a conversation about resources and ideas as we move through this time. In the next few days we intend to put out resources we have and we would very much appreciate your adding to this or offering more such resources.

Today I was blessed to attend the ordination and consecration of the Rev. Brian Thom, as Bishop of Idaho. I arrived Friday to a snowstorm, the earliest measurable snowfall on record in Boise! It was gone pretty fast. The service was beautiful, our Presiding Bishop preaching and presiding. I have grown to know and respect very much Bishop Bainbridge and it was just as good to be there to honor him as well.

So, here is our start again! I look forward to being in touch. Blessings,


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